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Originally Posted by RetiredBA/BY View Post
... the teaching was that if the trim wheel was rotating and not because of manual trim inputs or autopilot trimming, then you had a trim runaway and the IMMEDIATE, RECALL, action was stab trim switches to OFF.
So, think back to that first takeoff you made in the -300. I assume you made AND trim inputs as you accelerated, because that would be normal. Likewise, I assume that the STS made ANU trim inputs, as it was designed to do, as the aircraft accelerated. And since those inputs were not manual, by you, nor were they made by the autopilot, because it was not engaged, you, that very first time the STS made a trim input, uncommanded by either you or the autopilot, did an IMMEDIATE RECALL action, and cut the stab trim switches to OFF. Please tell me that is so.

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