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The UKMFTS Programme is delivering a world-class, state-of-the-art training system which is a global exemplar for training aircrew in preparation for the operational front line.
And Shawbury is a little slow, so what? If you look at the growth area, that will deliver on time or up to 11 weeks early.
We are getting there, and when it’s signed off it is guaranteed to be ahead of the game internationally. In under 4 years we will be training other nationalities and making good money from it. The future is worth the odd hiccup now.
So they underbid for the contract, didn't listen to people who knew about helicopter flying training, have fallen at the first, second and third hurdles for training delivery, are haemorrhaging QHIs due to poor salaries, still have ATC Corporals creating the the flypro (badly) which can't cope with the needed flexible responses to weather, had to dump the 'taxi-rank' system because it didn't survive first contact and have been rewarded for their failure with a 183 million pound elastoplast from the Govt - hardly a few hiccups and definitely not good value for money for the UK taxpayers.

Maybe the whole validity of the competition and their 'winning' bid needs to be revisited.
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