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Boeing themselves stated the MAX wont be re-cert until mid 2020. Given the current accuracy rate, that would mean Dec 2020. Not only has the aircraft stopped production, the stock was stopped from trading for about an hour.

The next news will be the layoffs, as BA cannot afford to keep the line workers on for that long.

The next move will be the 777maX, and the delay in cert, and probably the FAA/EASA decision for a new type cert. That will add at least 18 months to cert.

On advice to Congress by the US Air Force, the Tanker will be stopped.

No NMA or NSA will be announced until 2030

I know I missed a few things..

oh yes, the Space program! WOW!

Why do you allow constant Boeing bashing by low post members? Enough is enough. Many of our members earn their livings on Boeing aircraft.

Says the 7th post of the OP.

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