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It's been a while, but ISTR there was a "Takeoff" mode on the AFCS which I can't remember being ever used or discussed. There was also the Paravisual Display (PVD) that was 'streamed' on entering the runway if a valid LOC signal was present, to give Left/Right cues to centreline on LVP takeoffs. However, this was not a stopper defect in the MEL so latterly it wasn't maintained just like the Ground Run Monitor (which took a direct drive from the main wheels to measure exactly how much runway had been used, thus informing your 'STOP' in LVPs. I think that if you had Takeoff mode active on the AFCS and engaged the autopilot, then this might have been what the article referred to. It was a long time ago, sorry.

Typical L1011 - ahead of its time but electro-mechanical and prone to failure/high maintenance requirements! I see that Airbus has recently tested an autopilot takeoff mode.
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