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Flanker. You must be skimming what I wrote (proof that those who do not want to learn will refuse to try), I did not advocate ignoring company procedures. I rant against it in fact. I am saying that those who write these procedures should stick to the maufacturer's recommendations. Many companies think they have not only the right but the duty to put their own stamp on the Ops Manual, and the result is often inefficient and dangerous.
It should be possible for any B767/747 etc pilot to fly for any airline and use the same checklists, procedures and callouts, with only minor variations.
I think there is no reason to put an altitude restriction on the decision to carry out recall drills after takeoff. Such drills should be carried out as per the manufacturer's procedure, using training and airmanship to ensure that this is done safely. The trainers should discuss altitude as one of the criteria in making the decision, sure, but every case is going to be different in the real world and fixating on one instrument can be counter productive. It is not safe at 390 feet but OK at 400? If 400 is safe, then 800 must be twice as safe. And if that is true, then 1600 is even better! Why not 3200? Surely you can see the futility in this, and that is why those who developed the procedures did not mandate altitude in the decision process.
And a line trainer should know his company's manuals very well. He should ensure that all the pilots he flies with use the manuals and do not make up their own procedures.
And no, my first "real" airplane was not the Trimotor, it was the DC3. We used the original Douglas manuals and they were great. I wish I had kept one, just for the photos alone.