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The thing is that we are expected to conform to our ops manual requirements, so yes most of the standard drills are exactly that-standard. If I started changing things on my own(without good reason), the trainers would be very unimpressed and rightly so IMHO.I like operating this way.By the way my company is now very close to standard Boeing.

I have flown for six jet transport operators and they all train similarly in this area.OK five of these were UK companies and the sixth run largely by Brits.Is this where the differences arise? (411A leave it!!)

I have seen pure manufacturer checklists on the Lear 60 and I thought they were awful,not at all practical,unless you're a barrister!

I agree strongly that Airmanship is vital,but equally so is a disciplined environment.But if you think you might die before getting to 400 feet I wouldn't recommend waiting!