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Originally Posted by Effluent Man View Post
Nige planning a big do for Trafalgar Square for the 31st. Should be a good "celebration" . I'm looking forward to attending, hope it will be like Grosvenor Square back in '68!
Hope so but he should save it until next year because nothing will change on February 1st except the symbolism of leaving.

But it was always about symbolism, Brexit wasn't it? Talk of freedom from Brussels or an independence day. Deeply ironic considering Britain's history of conquest and colonisation. Then there's the petty triviality of ringing Big Ben.

But Nige the irrelevant should wait until next year given the inevitable no deal Brexit because of the utterly unrealistic timetable for a deal.

Of course by then there will be no stomach for it once the duped voters realise the mistake of giving the Tories a blank cheque.

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