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Originally Posted by Mutley1013 View Post
‘The pilot reported that he pushed the cyclic forward to increase the rotor speed’. Hopefully there is a mistake in the writing of that sentence rather than what the pilot actually thought/did.
Also, he’s making an approach into a 10 knot headwind ( points at least for not making a downwind approach ) and he doesn't just go around when he realises he's screwed up the approach? With that wind, I don't care how steep or confined the approach was, he could have just gone around. Unfortunately, he has a lot of company... People are amazingly reluctant to go around...

I also love that he's getting both high RPM warnings and low RPM warnings. Most of my Enstrom time is in the "A" model... No RPM warnings at all to distract you! Probably just as well it didn't have any warning systems, the low RPM warning system would have been going off all time ( it was seriously underpowered ).
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