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The UNSW Master of Aviation Management

I have some experience of the UNSW program so you could consider I am biased.

However, there is evidence that Postgrad programs can enhance your knowledge in areas where you have not yet worked, but wish to move into. The right program can help you get shortlisted, and with the additional knowledge, you may be able to sway a selection committee, or talk your present boss into new responsibilities. The key is to build your knowledge in the area that you want to work in, to increase your opportunities, so you should look to see what courses (subjects) are available and if they match your needs. Simply having a masters degree does not of itself improve your options unless it is relevant.Those with negative experiences often have chosen the program focus badly, or chosen weak programs to get through with minimal effort.

I think if you look carefully you will be able to find the names of the course facilitators who deliver the courses at UNSW, and so confirm their high level of expertise. In addition these people have good networks so you can also build your network. All postgrad aviation courses at UNSW are available by distance. You can get details from:

Jamie Lim (Mrs)
Postgraduate Programs Coordinator

School of Aviation
Room 210, Level 2, Old Main Building
Tel: + 61 2 938 55 787 (direct)
Email: [email protected]
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