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Fly Aiprt
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Obviously the British vote system idiosyncrasies are so err, peculiar that one could discuss vote results forever.
Now what I do see is that the British public still has his eyes in the rear view mirror, and not many people in the UK have the slightest idea of what's to come next.

Agreed, studying history is great for educating people, but not sure re-writing biographies of Blair, Thatcher, Wilson (!) will be of great help with sorting out those Brexit issues.
The calibre of the politicians you chose has changed.

Did your government tell you what they intend to do on the 1st of February ? On the 2nd ?
Are you OK with how they are preparing to negotiate ? With what they'll have to concede ? What they are wishing from the EU ?
Have experienced trade dealers been hired ? Have new studies been made as to the impact of the different possible deals ?

Please enough with "Switzerland" pipe dream, they don't have fishing ground issues to settle. And they do contribute to the EU ;-)

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