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Originally Posted by Cornish Jack View Post
CJ - your logic is completely flawed I'm afraid, please give it a rest.
Interesting statement, based, like so many responses here on nothing but personal, totally flawed perceptions. You have absolutey NO idea of my likes/dislikes/politics other than what I post here and your conclusions derive from assumptions coloured by your own prejudices. Such deliberative processes debase any form of debate and have all the logical value of playground temper tantrums. A suggestion - just read the words, try to understand what's written, not your 'knee-jerk reaction to it. A vain hope. perhaps but "politics is the art of the possible! ???
Don't make me laugh CJ. I really couldn't care less what political leanings you have but your argument about "the popular vote" that you've been banging on about is totally pointless.
Your condescending attitude seeps into your posts, in particular post 4132 to YT - this forms my and I'm sure others perceptions of you.
I don't really participate that much in debates here, I get my popcorn out and watch from the sidelines mostly, but your ranting about the electoral system reminds me of the protests in London after the election and the champagne socialists carrying placards "not my PM", "no to racism", "refugees welcome" etc.
These ARE REAL temper tantrums! Protesting AGAINST the results of a democratic vote. If Corbyn had won I'd have accepted the result. I wouldn't have been happy about it, but that's the way it is.
Just like in the US and the argument Democrats won the popular vote. Pointless, when the voting system is such that the final result is not based purely on votes garnered by each party as I demonstrated from the figures in the 1997 election.
Are there flaws? Yes of course - there are pros and cons to every electoral system but this one has served the country quite well for a very long time.
Maybe start another thread then this one can be kept on Brexit and we could have a good debate about the pros and cons of differing systems.

As for Brexit, this has been updated https://www.euronews.com/2018/12/19/...no-deal-brexit
This coming year is going to be interesting. The UK government has a much stronger negotiating hand now, but the time table is tight.
The reasons for leaving the EU still resonate with the electorate and these issues will have to be addressed and immigration is still the big issue.
Interesting video I stumbled across yesterday, recorded only 10 months after the referendum which gives the many reasons for Brexit.

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