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Originally Posted by Steepclimb View Post

Johnson is a puppet because of course he has no real agenda except to become PM. He's a liar. We all know that. But the worst thing he believes own lies.

He's achieved that but like a dog who chases cars he has no real idea of what to do when you catch one. He's lied his way to the top.

This next year will be interesting.

But this time next year the UK will leave without a deal which is of course DC'S and BJ's intention all along.

Of course the reality of Brexit will be obvious by then. All the fantasy will be dissipated.
Not sure what this DC guy really wants, besides "destroying the system".
This is what I read :
I suspect Cummings has long seen Johnson as a useful vehicle awaiting a driver
Considering his resume, he would appear to this foreigner as some sort of guru the politicians are unable to get rid of...
Speaking of politicians, we have some mediocre specimens on the Continent, but you beat us hands down...

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