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Extract AV week Dec 23 Page 12

From piece titled Boeing 737 Pilots Focus on Modified procedures

Critically, Boeing believed an uncommanded MCAS activation would be diagnosed quickly as runaway stabilizer and
be managed by following the appropriate checklist. When the Lion Air crew did not respond in this way, Boeing and
the FAA decided a reminder of the runaway stabilizer procedure would suffice while Boeing was taking a few months
to update the MCAS software.

But the March 10, 2019, crash of Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 was linked quickly to the MCAS as well, leading to the grounding of the MAX -aircraft MAX fleet and a deeper examination of where Boeing and the FAA had gone wrong.

Among the many findings:

The complexity of the manual trim-wheel procedure, which applies to all 737s, was not well understood.

The new 737 training modules emphasize that pilots may need to use two hands to crank the wheel during a runaway trim scenario.
*** That means it takes BOTH PILOTS ***

It also says "unloading" the stabilizer—attempting to reduce airspeed and take the counterintuitive step of not pulling bark on the yoke even though the aircraft is trimmed nose down—may be necessary to move the trim wheel.


Which also means you are in great position to Kiss your a** goodbye !!

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