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Originally Posted by Water pilot View Post
Boeing plans to hand out "safety" cards to convince pax that Max is safe.

If you can you should look at the "Customer Journey and Scenario map" presented in the article. Aside from the explicit sexism (the concerned passenger is a "she" in all scenarios) it is rather fascinating. For instance, "if anxious passenger is posting, then airline social care team provides information on the safety of the MAX and informs the airlines network operations center of anxious passenger, which informs flight crew, as needed."
Well, that's . . . seriously creepy. Thanks for the pointer.

It looks like Boeing's not going to be comforted by the initial response to coverage of this scheme. Here's the most-recommended comment on the Times story:

I'm pretty sure we all know this is baloney. Boeing slapped a software fix on a physics problem. Nope. No way am I getting on one of these. Boeing has demonstrated more concern for short term profits than for passengers. It gutted its own technical expertise. No 3x5 card is going to make up for that. What a joke.
All the other top comments are in the same vein.
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