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Originally Posted by JPcont View Post
I don’t understand why the MAX is still grounded. The control problems should be relatively easy to solve (with additional actuators) when the understanding of the underlying problem is present.
It seems likely that a solution involving additional actuators would threaten certification under the existing type certificate.

My guess is that MACS was used to fix something else that stick force problem (in the control engineering referenced as open loop gain). My guess is that the system was there to prevent to enter to a envelope where the the real problems begins.
That makes sense to lots of people who have been paying close attention to this issue.

For the political reasons it was named and defined to system that makes the “feeling” like NG.
I think the reasons are probably related to regulatory and sales and marketing issues rather than "political" ones.

My guess is that the problem were solved if the politics, the "salesman's lies” and the lawyer advices were were forgotten and the raw engineering job from clean table were started. Some kind of spoiler in the wing root or somewhere near the pylon might be needed. There should be courage to think out of the box and forget the short term costs.
I don't think there's much question about that: you're almost certainly correct. However, that approach would effectively kill the MAX and be disastrous for Boeing's standing in the narrowbody market. So it almost certainly won't happen unless forces outside the company make it happen.
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