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Why to the Global Warming clique insist on using data gathered over the last 200 years when accurate instruments and reliable reporting personnel have only been around for about 50-60 years?

In my rotary days I would often land on a rig and have to shut down for a while, after the obligatory massive meal, better than anything onshore, I would go to the geologists shed and the geologists would show a variety of core samples taken from the earths crust that not only showed the state of the well being drilled but gave a complete history of what had happened on the earths surface for several hundred years previously, including droughts, fires, floods etc. and was cyclical and we are in such a cycle now. The combined effects of the volcanoes of the Pacific Rim, Iceland etc. plus the annual bush fires of Australia and California totally negate man's efforts to reduce green houses gases in the atmosphere. Maybe Little Greta should start talking to the geological fraternity instead of being a toy of the Al Gore mob who are determined to fabricate a case for increasing government revenue by taxation, not to mention their own personal wealth.
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