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Originally Posted by parabellum View Post
Not much has changed in the last twelve months then,
Who wrote that? $11m is a quarter of the cost of one heli tanker. It was already budgeted for. That money will get a lease on a few more helitankers for a short while. It isn’t a long term fix. The issues facing this countries with bushfires are going to need much more resolve and action than that.

Dont like what those former fire chiefs (hundreds of years of experience and the freedom to speak without being restrained by current governments) have to say? Fine, the current RFS chief in NSW has stated these are unprecedented conditions that can be linked to climate change. The current opinion of government bodies like the BoM and CSIRO echoes that.

I dont want to talk political disagreements too much but it is a bit rich for Morrison to claim the high ground when video shows him going after the Labor police chief (not emergency services chief)for going out for dinner for a few hours during the Victorian bushfires.

Maybe now he’s back from holidays he can step up, be a leader and co-ordinate a national strategy against the ever increasing bushfire seasons.
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