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Originally Posted by compressor stall View Post
Google the video of how they got an AS350 to the summit. Hell they even pulled out the lights and some other bits to get down to light enough weight. No chance of getting airborne "at summit altitudes" with a climber on board.

VF - woo hoo. Good to see you back. Only reason I check this forum is for your pics, of helicopters, mountains AND culture. Check ur WhatsApp.

And what brings you to that side of सगरमाथा? Great view of the Norton Couloir 1984 Aussie route up that face, and how thin but deep the Hornbein couloir is.

G'day CS...hoping Your compressor doesn't stall too often This is my second post replying to You, seems they didn't like it & wiped that post & picture They also pulled out the seats, shaker weights from under the floor, X frame, flight steps, & told Dider that he can pull up to 190% on the FLI Yaaar the border is a bit wobbly like a drunken sailor so it may look like it's on the Chinese side but it's still within Nepal. yep that was the 'White Limbo' exped, damn hard core yet to be repeated

All the Best
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