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Originally Posted by Fly Aiprt View Post
How many elections is the past 3-4 years ?
The fixed parliament act should ensure that aside of a vote of no confidence, that simply isn't going to happen over the next five years (OK better to say is highly improbable to happen), the next election will be December 2024.

The one in 2017 came about as a result of the official opposition being in cahoots with the government; this most recent one because the LibDems, or I suspect more likely Jo Swinson (who??) misguidedly thought they'd do rather well by supporting Johnson in his call for an election. I hope and suspect that this time around there will be less willy waving by opposition parties and the government is allowed to go the term having well and truly screwed the economy, the average working person, and the country as a whole. Given the path that Johnson is (currently) taking which would inevitably ensure the UK leaves the transition period sans comprehensive trade agreement that is exactly where they're likely to we're likely to wind up.
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