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Hi so from memory cognitive was a long list of challenges broken in multiple parts of about 5 or 6 questions each they include memory either remembering auditory given code, visual memory of shapes colours or numbers, map like / direction challenges, two planes on a radar the question being where will they collide, then you get the dreaded visual reasoning where you will have to identify the shape that is odd one out or matches the group, number sequences although some I had appeared to have no number pattern but the edges where all a bit different so be perceptive cant really do a lot to prepare for these I would highly recommend getting very good with Speed distance time problems + fuel burn, some pythagoras and trigonometry is also needed as these are higher scoring questions.

subscribe to so you can practice some of the areas like ball game(get joystick) and the fast tests and flight sim its not all the same its much tougher in real life but itíll help, the physics and maths arenít great but maths will help to make you sharper with mental arithmetic if your not already and the physics might help but there isnít really enough variety. Best of luck

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Hi Everyone
I might do the stage 2 during January 2020,so I've read and seen many thing about ADAPT test, and I think that I understood the majority of the test...but I didn't understand in what consist the cognitive test .I just know that it is going to be a reasoning test, however could someone say me what is it in particular?
thank u so much!
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