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Originally Posted by EESDL View Post
I think it is the constant lack of reality that irks me. Maybe a strange thing to say but if they spend millions to produce a ‘realistic’ simulator then it should be used in a realistic fashion

Many times, the requirements dictate the un-reality. For example, what is the purpose of evaluating these maneuvers in a simulator: (1) inflight fire and smoke removal (unless the simulator uses an actual smoke generator), (2) emergency descent (a fixed-wing thing), (3) auto with a power recovery (unless evaluating for a required maintenance maneuver), (4) ditching (for an operator operating in the desert?), (5) emergency evacuation (the doors rarely open), (6) CRM in the SP cockpit (but it must be covered in depth), (7) wake turbulence avoidance, (8) maximum performance takeoff (when we can’t even get a consensus on what the maneuver is), or (9) a DME arc approach on an IPC (one time, back in ’85, I flew one with an engine fire, low fuel, etc.). The FAA requirements in many ways are archaic.

For example, with weather being a factor in nearly all HAA accidents, when was the last time a 297 ride really checked your ability to evaluate it and make a decision?
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