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Originally Posted by EESDL View Post
I think it is the constant lack of reality that irks me. Maybe a strange thing to say but if they spend millions to produce a ‘realistic’ simulator then it should be used in a realistic fashion.
ie - engine failure off night rig, climbing away to suffer an engine fire that wouldn’t go out so imminent ditching. I turn back toward the rig we had just departed from - and more importantly the mandatory safety ‘standby’ vessel - only to be told that the rig had miraculously vanished!
i understand that the instructor wanted me to ditch but don’t underestimate the affect such ‘randomness’ has upon decision making and taking the sim ‘seriously’
The Sim is good as long as the instructor is.....You can go to different facilities and hope for better, but at the end, the instructor is the key to get good training, it does not matter where it is. I had horrible session and very good one (2016/17 Flight Safety with Ryan Rowzee, but he is now gone, the good one do not stay). We go there once a year and as other said, you are jammed with exercises with no time. Is it normal to only do one stuck pedal during 4 days of training ? That's the all problem !! you don't have enough time to practice. The company is gone say:"we send our crew on the Sim, so they have good training..." Well, doing a specific exercise once a year, do you think you will be good enough to do it on the real aircraft ? maybe yes...maybe not....It is good for working on procedures and crew interaction, but machine are complex now and we should get more time, that's the key.
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