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And that's why AOPA is probably irrelevant. and doesn't represent the people it purports to.

If I take Snarek on face value, AOPA appears to be full of self serving people believing that they should only answer "reasonable questions", and that the organisation is their domain.

While it should really be transparent and open and if it was people could decide whether to have this organisation representing their interests and opinions.

AOPA wouldn't have to fear people asking "unreasonable questions".

I can't imagine why this open forum isn't just as appropriate when at times a number of individuals on the comittee have used it to both pass opinions and further their own interests in AOPA and whats more the interests of AOPA.

Double standards I would say.

If Snarek is on the committee then I'm not renewing my membership. I had only renewed after some 15 years lapsed as I thought things might change with the new committee. Obviously not!!
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