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The poll is now closed, please do not enter if you are watching +1 or on Demand...

While I am off to have a look at the entries here are what would have been my offerings for your enjoyment

Clearly photoshopped, everyone knows Kim is 7 ft 12inches tall

The strictly come dancing same sex couple get in some practice, You lead.,,,,No YOU lead

Trump, Last Thanksgiving I pardoned a Turkey
Kim, Last week I pardoned my favourite General, but I shot his 4 wives. Saved a lot on Alimony

As he is not here can we slag off Putin?

Psst wanna buy a second hand motor? I am selling the Beast . Kept me safe the past 3 years,

LFO. So that's agreed we offer the DOY asylum from HMTQ, you get the IMF to extradite him so the FBI can question him
POTUS...WTF stop talking in slitty eyed code
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