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Originally Posted by Mr Mac View Post
It maybe the British Electorate that has go its arse royally spanked, when all the dust has settled on this over the next 10-20 years. This is the start of a long process for all concerned. It will be interesting to see how your new trade discussions go. I was, (and still am a Remainer), but the populace have obviously got bored with Brexit, and voted on it in the election, and now you have to get on with it. Personally we moved our business to Germany after the referendum, and wild horses would not bring me back to the UK apart from when I fly home at weekends.I look forward to meeting UK trade delegation's on my various journeys around the world, and finding out how well or not things are going. I do find that a more accurate assessment than that of the UK press, or indeed government of what ever persuasion. As an early heads up, you may want to observe what will happen to certain UK car plants (not those already mentioned) in the coming 12 months following a conversation I had with a some what senior (car exec as I found out) in a 3rd world bar when he was on leave.

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Yes, we will have to wait and see.
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