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Originally Posted by Gargleblaster View Post
Have you, before complaining about the contribution, considered the net advantages that the UK has had through it's EU membership ?

If you don't want to stay, then leave for God's sake, we're all sick of this. The remaining 27 EU countries have done nothing to prevent you from leaving, immediately for that sake. No, you can't complain about your former parliament, it was elected by the people.
The remaining 27 EU heads of state continually agreed to Brexit extensions, if they had not done so we would have been forced out long ago, so to some extent they are partly culpable? Perhaps the population of mainland Europe is sick of Brexit, we are, but that does not appear to be the case of the people actually running the commission - surely?

’Yes’ the general UK electorate can complain about the previous parliament. By far, far away the majority of MP’s In 2017 were elected on manifestos to respect the result of the 2016 referendum and complete Brexit and get us out of the EU, but then reneged on that manifesto promise when push came to shove.

The UK electorate were not to be fooled again and that is why the Labour Party has had it’s ars! right royally spanked and given back on a gold plated, copper bottomed platter.
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