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Originally Posted by IFMU View Post
The X2 vibe levels were not brutal, and in fact were most benign at hover. This is when you would not be spinning the rear gearbox.

Please name one gearbox where the oil is warmed up prior to running it up. I've never seen that in any helicopter or car. One of my friends flew hueys in Antarctica and they would drain the oil out of the gearbox and engine so they could bring it inside overnight, but other than that I think you guys just like making things up!
A transmission isnít usually hit with MCP torque 15 seconds after it starts the first rotation. If the clutching process is going to take a few minutes (same as starting turbines, going to flight idle, checking the lists, ready for take off, go) well, sure. But I imagine that the desire is to clutch the prop in at a much faster rate than that.
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