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I am not antisemitic and I don't believe the Labour party, as a party, is either. I am pro Palestine and I believe the Labour party is too. Of course, just as in every other political party in this country, there will be mavericks and, as far as I can tell, those within the Labour party who have been "found out" have been investigated and dealt with. On the other hand, we are still waiting for some sort of reaction from the Tory party over the latest batch of antisemitic Tory MPs to have been "outed".
As for "singing the Hamas anthem"; I didn't know they had one. And it seems they still don't. I watched the guido fawkes clip and there was nothing like a Hamas "anthem".
Someone mentioned something about Corbyn being a man of principles; that was exactly the view I had of him during his years on the back bench and I admired the way he stuck to his principles, whether that meant upsetting Tory or Labour leaders, he didn't care. As for Corbyn the leader, well, I think Labour could have done better than picking him!
I noted too a comment about Labour wanting to take us back to a 1950s Britain. There was a documentary on BBC last night about post WW2 Britain and how dangerous a place it was with all the new fangled stuff coming into our lives, blazing furnishings, killer electric irons etc. The young lady presenting the programme told us how, during the 1950s, people were making more money than ever before and basically living on easy street. It left me wondering which Britain it was that I was living in during the 1950s. Still, if we truly had "never had it so good", then let's go back to those times!
Can we now go back to "'Tis the season to be jolly", rather than the "'Tis the season to be nasty" which appears to be gaining some ground in this forum?
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