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Originally Posted by denachtenmai View Post
And here speaks the living proof of the so called "gentler politics" of the lefties.
It seems that all of the vitriol and bile that is spewed out, about politicians and parties, emanate from the Labour party apologists.
I have never seen such utterances as "Tory Scum, I'd like to go back in time and assassinate Margaret Thatcher, I could never be friends with a Conservative" and on and on in the same vein,
turned around and used against opponents by anyone in the Conservative and Unionist party.
Shame on you CJ. I thought you were rational, I was mistaken.
You probably missed those stalwart representatives of the ( former, as it's being rebranded soon ) Brexit party in Hartlepool as featured on C4 News a couple of nights ago then......

Neither do you appear to have read the content of the link you provided......

Not unsurprisingly, you wouldn't hear the views about the unlamented deceased....from those in her own party.

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