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Originally Posted by Water pilot View Post
Interesting to note the PR judo going on here, world class in that department at least. Boeing announces that the regulators will approve the fix by December, a timeline that could not legally have been based on anything other than hope. (The implication to the stockholders was that they had an inside line to the FAA.) The FAA denied that there was any such timeline. Now Boeing is blaming the potential revenue hit on "delays by regulators." Nicely done, Boeing PR.

FAA just announced 737 Max cert NOT done until 2020...

Boeing 737 MAX certification to extend into 2020, FAA chief says

Ryan Beene
BloombergBoeing’s 737 MAX certification, needed to end the jet’s nine-month worldwide grounding by regulators, will extend into 2020, the top U.S. aviation regulator said Wednesday.

Federal Aviation Administration chief Stephen Dickson said that the plane, which has been grounded worldwide since March, will not be certified to fly this year, dashing Boeing’s hopes of getting the popular family of planes back in the air in 2019.

“If you do the math, it’s going to extend into 2020,” Dickson told CNBC Wednesday before he is expected to testify before a congressional panel. “We’re going to do it diligently because safety is absolutely our priority with this airplane.”

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