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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
So it’s now a ceremony?

The RAF said: “Pianos at the end of their life are sometimes ceremonially burnt on special occasions by RAF personnel.”
More like "de rigeur" at many Friday Happy Hours at Leuchars in the early 80s - sometimes with the added "piece de resistance" of uprooting all the small blue and white signs that designated the wheels' parking slots and adding them to the burning pile [only had to fill out an RAF form to get them remade in GEF back then - none of the Budget Holder or Works Services bolleux that followed from the 90s].

However, no piano burning ever matched the episode of all the folding chairs being burnt at the welcome event for the NATO Tactical Air Meet 1978 at Wildenrath - held near the former Canberra B(I)8 QRA sheds - when the beer ran out !
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