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Originally Posted by Water pilot View Post
It might have something to do with United's "totally unrelated to the MAX" decision to go with Airbus for 50 planes. The fact that United even felt it necessary to explain shows how well Boeing's mitigation efforts have been working, and this fellow was one of the more visible but apparently expendable soldiers leading that effort.

A major criminal indictment is unlikely, for purely national political reasons. Neither party is going to want to have "wiping out America's passenger jet industry" on their resume. It is more likely that the government will buy any planes that 'Boeing can't sell, if that happens. Just look at how many bankers were jailed for fraud after the banking bailout for a roadmap to the future.

United chooses Airbus
Boeing wiped out the North American passenger jet industry all by itself. In fact, the politicians have enabled it all the way into oblivion with epic bailouts and allowing the total financialization of every large corporation that gets itself into trouble through sheer greed. Not wanting to wear the stain of failure on their watch IS the problem.

Between the MAX grounding and the pickle forks, I am hearing rumours that my airline has suddenly woken up to the Boeing "Black Swan" and will go with Airbus for its NG fleet replacement of around 80 narrow bodies just to mitigate the existential risk to its business.
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