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Originally Posted by n5296s View Post
-- slow roll: what you have described as an aileron roll. Totally uncoordinated, nose kept on a point by carefully synchronised use of all three controls.
n5296s , would agree with your message. Only a matter of vocabulary, though.
Just to say that to maintain altitude in a slow roll, the nose isn't exactly kept on a point, but travels between 'erect' flight attitude, and inverted flight attitude (= a bit higher), describing what Eric Müller called a 'sacred circle' around a point.
This is what I've been practicing from my beginnings in aerobatics, and what I taught my students with very good results in competition.

Back to the original point : any sturdy and sufficiently fast rolling aircraft can perform an aileron/barrel roll or something in between with a trained pilot at the controls. A boeing 707 was rolled more than once.
As Wonkazoo mentioned, the key is having the nose sufficiently high.
BTW I seriously doubt that Bud Holland, of Czar52 fame, would have succeeded in rolling a B52 like he dreamed to do one day. Too flimsy wings, and spoilers only in my opinion.
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