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Thanks, PEI.

I was surprised 20 or 30 years ago to find out that many of the heavies moved the stab for trim versus the elevator. Found out after a student of mine pranged at Little Rock and lottsa the CVR had the noise of the trim jackscrew. Then the Air Alaska tragedy.

When I was a yute, fooling around with the horizontal stab was not a great idea, but I knew one good pilot that adjusted the thing on his Yankee to reduce the drag.

My conviction is that there is more of an aero problem with the MAX than we are being told.

Lastly, I do not feel that one must have thousands of hours to safely fly the 737 with or without MCAS ( mainly without, heh he ). The decision to market the plane and claim that no training was required was bad enough. But implementing a screwed up system and not telling the pilots bordered on criminal.

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