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Tex Johnson, in a demonstration flight for Boeing, flew a barrel roll. in a 707. It's probably mentioned in his autobiography "Tex Johnston: Jet Test Pilot". There are a couple of youtube video's of it.

The ET302 pilots were eventually at high speed. MCAS firing for 10 seconds, using the high speed setting of the trim motor, must have been quite a pitch down force. I don't think 737 pilots would have been used to correcting so much of a trim change. They were used to speed trim changing things gradually. One of the Lion Air flights, I think fought with MCAS for 20 times or so? Then he gave the plane to the FO, who not focused on the Capt.'s yoke switch as he had other things he was busy with, didn't use as much trim response to MCAS, as he probably thought it was speed trim he was correcting for, not knowing MCAS was there. Both of the Lion Air FO's did the same thing initially when given the controls. They under corrected for MCAS changes. Who puts in 10 seconds of trim change, all at once, going at high speed in a 737?
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