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Originally Posted by ORAC View Post
Roll Up! Roll Up! Today’s Labour election give-away!

One third off all commuter rail fares starting next month!!!!!


Labour vows to cut commuter rail fares by a third

Jeremy Corbyn will divert money earmarked for building roads to cutting commuter rail fares if Labour wins the general election, the party says.

The Labour leader would cut regulated rail fares by 33 per cent from next month, which Labour estimates will save the average commuter in England more than 1,000 a year.......

In addition to the fare cut, children aged 16 and under would receive free rail travel and part-time workers would be guaranteed to not pay more than people who have weekly season tickets.
Ah, but ORAC, and one is surprised you missed this "rather unfortunate" quote from Corbyn about the railways being his favourite way to travel..... because I'm sure everybody remembers one particular journey in this respect.

However, some may also remembers George and how Virgin cattle was most certainly not for George, so obviously you just plonk yourself in Farst and all will be well.....apart from not actually paying for the seat that is......politicians and trains eh ! ........


Anyway, here's Boris being true to form........or rather true unto himself.

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