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In addition to the one you already found (it have to be pretty new one because I can not remember there was CAE Oslo in the beginning of 2018) there is a school at the Sandefjord Torp airport (Pilot Flight Academy). In the past I believe it was the only complete 0-ATPL(A) school in Norway.

Either way since its Norway it costs a lot and the training from what I remember was about 100 000 Euro for 0-ATPL(A) without FI rating included. The CAE school (famous name) will probably not be cheaper. In Eastern Europe except for BAA it should not cost more than 35 000 to 50 000 Euro to get 0-ATPL (possibly with FI rating).

By the way why do you wish to live in Norway if you do not already work there (in a profession that is not being paid well in other nations, since there is extreme tax in Norway) ? I have lived there for 20 years since I was 8 (not my choice) until I was 28 and I can tell that it will cost a lot to live there and while you study a room is like 600 Euro a flat now probably 1000 Euro per month including water&electricity etc (unless you get subsidized student flat but its still gonna cost as much as normal price somewhere else). Food and other things also cost a lot and do not even think of being a smoker or liking a drink in the weekend, when you see the price of a cigarette pack or a beer at the pub you will be totally shocked. As for cars you better like them electric cause a enjoyable petrol car cost extremely much in special tax up to 5x its price depending on the engine. Of course Norway got fantastic nature but after some days/weeks/months you probably stop to notice it (it used to also be nice to fish there but they made a no private fishing in the sea zone from Oslo to KragerÝ so that is gone now at least in the region of the flight schools).
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