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Originally Posted by roscoe1 View Post
why the maintenance interval is being stretched, then what was the reason?
That is not correct. No "maintenance interval" is being stretched for a Part 91, private ops aircraft. However....

Originally Posted by roscoe1 View Post
I didn't know the customer or their machine until I did an inspection
It's this statement that I think reflects the major difference in our collective experiences. As I mentioned, I was in a position to fully review the owner and aircraft prior to any inspection or work. I had a Part 135/145 day job that provided a good income and basically half a year off. Back in the first 5 years I provided ad hoc mx services, I would always run into similar situations as you describe. However, once I established myself and shifted to more owner-assisted mx and more private helicopters, I dropped the ad hoc side and went owner-exclusive till I "retired" 5 years ago. In the 30+ years I assisted owners in this way, I only walked away from one person which unfortunately was not due to him becoming lazy or a cheapskate, rather he had some mental issues that could not be controlled. So it can really depend on the individual and situation on how mx is done or scheduled. But I can understand your view based on your stated experiences as I've lived them too. Best of luck.
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