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Originally Posted by Hughes500 View Post
I can assure you the best and cheapest maintenance is preventative maintenance.
I agree 100%. And if you believe performing supplemental 100 hour inspections is part of that preventative maintenance, then I respect your opinion. To add to my previous post above, the owners I've assisted all make informed decisions on how they want their aircraft maintained. And that decision is not taken lightly. Most became personally involved in maintaining their aircraft which I supervised and signed off. Several worked for and obtained their A&Ps as well. But in-service discrepancies, like a M/R vibration, are separate issues from scheduled mx, unless you imply to wait until the next 100 to correct? But to stay in context of this thread, every aircraft operation is not the same. And to simply state, not performing a 100 hour inspection makes an aircraft less safe, is not an opinion I support based on my experience.
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