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Originally Posted by roscoe1 View Post
my opinion is shaped by the many part 91 (not for hire) owners I've crossed paths with.
My comment was to your blanket statement that any owner who doesn't perform a 100 hour is lazy or a cheapskate and in context to whether a 100hr is required or not. I too have 40 years in the mx business, however, my experiences differ to yours. I won't deny there are owners out there as you have mentioned, which could include several 135 operators I know as well as well. However, I was in a position to select which owners I assisted so in all honesty I would never work with people who operated as you describe. And this included both my airplane and helicopter customers. So, in my opinion, your statement is mis-informed or inaccurate of all owners simply because they do not perform a non-required 100 hour inspection. In my experience, it's not what gets done on an aircraft, it's the who and how that aircraft is maintained. Lastly, in the last 30 years or so, I can state without hesitation that "economics" has never been a deciding factor in any decision made by any owner I assist. But if you believe simply complying with more inspections makes an aircraft safer then I respect your belief.
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