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Originally Posted by wrench1 View Post
FWIW: While you bring up a valid point on a 100 hour inspection, your definition of an owner who doesn't comply with a 100hr is a bit misinformed. There are a number of private helicopters, to include various turbine models, that operate over 100s of hours with only an Annual performed. However, the reason isn't because the owner is a putz or lazy, rather it could be for several reasons. Perhaps the aircraft operates in a remote or isolated area where the nearest mechanic or maintenance facility might be several days away. So from a logistics and cost standpoint, staging the aircraft or flying a mechanic in to perform a non-required inspection every other month vs once a year doesn't quite make sense. Or, in a more urban environment the owner may maintain his aircraft to a level where a 100hr offers no additional oversight. Having been involved in these types of ops and owners, I believe your definition is not reflective of actual operations, at least not in the US.
My opinion is not misinformed, simply different from yours. With close to 40 years in the helicopter maintenance business my opinion is shaped by the many part 91 (not for hire) owners I've crossed paths with. I've been the mechanic flown in to a remote area to perform an inspection. Flying a mechanic in once a year is what doesn't make sense to my mind, especially in remote areas. I've seen rodent damage, weather damage, contaminated fuel, things the owner missed on preflight (imagine that!) and things that were let go because they didn't have a part in exactly those situations. I know owners who will fly their family members in their helicopter as long as they can get it started. I have seen things that owners have buggered up and not told anyone about. Remember, I am not talking about any kind of commercial operation. Some private owners who are not licensed as maintenance people are excellent mechanics and very savy about safety but alas, some do not know which end of the screw stick to use. For the former, by all means overfly your 100 hr as you see fit. For the latter , well......

When you say it doesn't make sense I have to ask what you really mean by that. I can only assume you mean economic sense, because honestly I can't think of another reason to not get a mechanic out to the helicopter. Nobody ever said private ownership of a helicopter was inexpensive.
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