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Originally Posted by roscoe1 View Post
An owner would either be a cheapskate, incredibly lazy or not the brightest bulb in the box to skip it because it isn't a legal requirement.
FWIW: While you bring up a valid point on a 100 hour inspection, your definition of an owner who doesn't comply with a 100hr is a bit misinformed. There are a number of private helicopters, to include various turbine models, that operate over 100s of hours with only an Annual performed. However, the reason isn't because the owner is a putz or lazy, rather it could be for several reasons. Perhaps the aircraft operates in a remote or isolated area where the nearest mechanic or maintenance facility might be several days away. So from a logistics and cost standpoint, staging the aircraft or flying a mechanic in to perform a non-required inspection every other month vs once a year doesn't quite make sense. Or, in a more urban environment the owner may maintain his aircraft to a level where a 100hr offers no additional oversight. Having been involved in these types of ops and owners, I believe your definition is not reflective of actual operations, at least not in the US.

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