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Originally Posted by wrench1 View Post
I believe you mis-read my post as your statement is not correct.

To clarify for you:
Part 91 private ops: Annual inspection; Airworthiness Limitations life-limited part replacement.
Part 91 for hire: Annual inspection; Airworthiness Limitations life-limited part replacement; current 100hr (or Annual in previous 100hrs) inspection only when operating as a "for-hire" flight. If you make one "for-hire" flight in a year then only one 100hr inspection is needed in that year--unless your "for-hire" flight is within the subsequent 100hrs of your last Annual. There is no 100hr requirement for a Part 91 private ops flight.
So, for 30+ years I've been told by various maintenance organizations that the MM ends up requiring 100 hours in Robinson helicopters, regardless of whether they are commercial use or not. I did a bunch of research and must admit that it appears you are correct and that I was wrong. Sorry for the bad information!
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