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Originally Posted by ATNotts View Post
The UK hasn't got a clue, since we don't ask migrants to register when they arrive here, and worse, we don't do what we are legally entitled to do if they haven't found employment within 3 months - send them back. of course we can't because we don't know where they are. In all probability many that haven't surfaced working with reputable organisation, and therefore holding an NI number, are actually working gainfully, in the black economy, not paying taxes.

If we all had to have an ID card to access services it would be much easier to sort out who was cheating the system, but for some reason that just "isn't British" so we'll continue to muddle along as we are. This country can really be infuriating!
Focusing on keeping track of migrants (although the subject of the current discussion) belies the fact that “ducking and diving” aka the hidden economy is quite a significant part of Brit culture anyway. There is often little real choice, as people are forced to pretend they are self-employed. Although in reality they are legally not. And pay zero in contributions.

ID cards and registration - much needed in the UK. Life for the average beat copper would also be made much easier.
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