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Originally Posted by Skipness One Foxtrot View Post
WestJet and Icelandair will have been looking at doing that for years, the market is reviewed annually, but it doesn't mean they're launching EDI. It would be news if they *weren't* looking at it. WestJet is going to be constrained by a lack of B737s as there's a chance they will be MAX-less going into the summer. EDI-YYZ has always been an odd one, Worldways made it work then Transat but it just died out and Rouge still split Scottish ops with GLA 3 days a week and EDI on the other 4.
Exactly correct. I've pointed this out before to PlaneMad. This is just more fantasy made up on the spot rumours from the EDI fantasist.

PlaneMad has an obsession with posting made up rumours about Icelandair and WestJet adding EDI. He's made the same post many times over the last couple of years. Never has there been any substance to it, nor has it ever came from a reliable poster. I can only presume that this posters obsession with these two airlines comes from the fact that the airlines already serve GLA and not is his favourite local airport.

Textbook Fanboyism.
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