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I am a pilot and I’ve flown Boeing’s for the last 25 years to 8nclude the 727, 757, and 767...they are great aircraft. As far as your defense for Denis Muilenburg, all I have to say is he was the program manager for this project, The X-32

This aircraft represented Boeing’s proposal to compete for the biggest fighter contract for the next few decades, and this is what Muilenberg came up with! It was so screwed up that they had to re-design the entire wing platform to included a separate stabilizer/ tail, but this prototype didn’t incorporate the new design, so a flawed design, not remotely like the revised design competed against Lockheed’s F-35 and lost. Essentially, Under Muilenberg’s leadership Boeing dropped the ball big time and lost the contract. I always wondered why he eventually rose to the CEO position after this debacle. Maybe you can explain?
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