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Originally Posted by SMT Member View Post

How's this for a thought: Boeing has not had a successful launch of any aircraft, new or derived, since the 777.
When you consider the lack of real progression with the 737NG, the very sad incidents and the subsequent behaviours coming out of Boeing with the MAX, and then further consider onboard fires/engine issues/windscreen issues and the quite substantial still evident “teething problems” with the 787, it’s difficult to argue with this statement. The 777 is clearly a magnificent aircraft, and to many observers, the last successful introduction the Boeing managed.

Something has changed since the introduction of the triple. If you take the recent to mid term as a snapshot, it is something quite remarkable too. How does a company go from having the ability to bring something as high standard overall as the 777 then latterly offer the 787 and the 737NG then the pretty much total disaster that is the MAX.

I had it pointed out the other day how ironic the latest 737 marketing name is to its actual suggested current situation.

Unfortunately for the company, it may be the case that the mess could have that much latent momentum now that it will take serious political intervention to keep the company running in its current guise.

It is clearly a very very sad situation to witness.
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