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Originally Posted by Fly Aiprt View Post
Didn't we hear somewhere that the KC-46 MCAS was totally different from that of the MAX, apart from the name ?
When it suited Boeing's it was, but when it didn't it wasn't anymore.

As for PSGs comments, they are totally at odds with demonstrated facts. Facts are, that the Boeing leadership all the way back to the MacDac merger has been an unbroken line of the sociopaths from the GE school of cost cutting at all costs, which is so beloved by the most short sighted, greedy and incompetent twats on this planet: Money people (stock brokers, hedge fund managers, whatever they like to call themselves).

They might be nice people over a beer in the evening, but from 9 to 5 their actions speak a totally different language.

How's this for a thought: Boeing has not had a successful launch of any aircraft, new or derived, since the 777. Following the 787 the mantra was 'no more moonshots' which, I think anybody with just a smidgen of aviation insight will agree to, is exactly what is needed roughly every 20 years. But that doesn't make Wall Street happy and, in turn, doesn't make managers millionaires with the haste they're seeking.
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