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This whole saga starts to look like the GM story , I hope Boeing does not end the same way..
September 16, 1908 - General Motors Company is founded

1942-1945 - GM produces vehicles and weapons for use by the US military during World War II.

1954 - General Motors accounts for 54% of the auto market in the United States, up from 12% in 1921.

1971, GM pioneered the use of engines that could run on low-lead or unleaded petrol. Two years later it was the first to offer a car with an air bag and in 1974, it introduced the catalytic converter to reduce emissions.

The manufacturer helped develop the guidance and navigation system for the first Moon landing aboard Apollo 11, and designed and manufactured the Lunar Roving Vehicle for Apollo 15 the first vehicle driven on the Moon.

1995, annual vehicle sales outside North America exceeded 3m units for the first time, while 5m vehicles were sold in the US and GM embarked on its first joint venture in China. Buick became China's most popular automotive brand.

2012 - GM is officially the top automobile manufacturer in the world. Nine million vehicles sold in 2011 helped to make it the largest automaker in China also.

2014 - GM expands a recall of compact cars to 1.37 million vehicles built between 2003 and 2007, due to possible ignition problems. Thirteen people have died in accidents.

2014 - GM releases the results of an internal probe relating to delayed recalls and the deaths of at least 13 people. GM Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra announces that 15 employees have been dismissed and five more have been disciplined.

2015 - GM's faulty ignition switch caused 124 deaths, according to a final report from the attorney administering funds to accident victims.

2017 - Says it's selling its European business for $2.3 billion to France's PSA, the maker of Peugeot and Citroen cars, and announces it is laying off 1,100 workers in Michigan

2018 - GM announces that it will shut down production at five facilities in North America and cut its staff, reducing its salaried workforce by 15%.

source : cnn , the whole timeline is here : GM facts
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