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Originally Posted by tdracer View Post
It was quite telling that Condit was the first Boeing CEO to overtly focus on the perks of the job.
I understand that you may have some more spare time now, if you have got over the new car

I recommend having a read of the links that CurtainTwitcher posted above.
Here they are again -

"... they’re not founders like Gates or Bezos. They’re not investors like Buffett or Dalio. They’re management. And now they’re billionaires. And all their captains and lesser brethren are centimillionaires. And all their lieutenants and subalterns are decamillionaires.
And everyone is perfectly fine with this. No one even notices that this is happening or that it’s different or that it’s a sea change in how we organize wealth in our society. It’s not good or bad or deserved or undeserved. It just IS."


Still not through my bullshit-o-meter but I have read a few articles and it looks OK so far.
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